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Increase laboratory output with automated sample identification

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Automate vial tube identification to increase the output of your laboratory. When linked to our BradyPrinter i7100, the Vial Label Applicator prints and applies labels on vial tubes in a few seconds and enables scientists to spend more time on core responsibilities.

  • increase laboratory output: print and apply labels in a few seconds on capped and uncapped tubes with a diameter between 10 and 17 mm and length from 38 up to 105 mm. Labelled tubes can be removed manually or ejected automatically into a tray. Trigger printing with a foot pedal, sensor or programmable controller.
  • reliable sample labels: our specialised laboratory labels will stay attached and intact throughout sample processing and storage. Labels will not smear nor smudge when exposed to typical laboratory chemicals when printed with Brady's researched inks.
  • easily design your labels: quickly design sample container label templates with Brady Workstation Lab Suite apps. Import data from Excel, create barcodes and add human readables in a few clicks.

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